Ergonomic, Strain Free Painting

The Ergonomic Paint Brush has been meticulously designed to offer a more comfortable alternative to traditional paintbrushes. The unique shape offers greater control, reduced fatigue and professional quality finishing by making it more user friendly and dynamic.

The lightweight body of the brush shifts the weight and strain away from the fingers and onto the top of the hand where it is evenly distributed. Unlike regular brushes which require consistent gripping, the Ergonomic Brush comfortably sits in a natural open hand to reduce tension. This dramatically decreases muscle fatigue whilst also offering superior comfort and control. The flat top of the brush also ensures better line of sight which makes cutting in more precise and accurate.

As well as being more comfortable than regular brushes, the Ergonomic Brush also delivers high quality finishing from it’s 100% polyester bristles. The all purpose model provides an even finish to smooth and textured surfaces on both indoor and outdoor applications. The angled bristles make cutting into edges and corners more accurate for a professional finish to the job. The synthetic bristles are easily washed in water for repeat and long term usage.