Who We Are

RGS Group is a UK based manufacturing and distribution company focused on providing quality and value. With divisions operating across multiple industries, RGS Group has a wide portfolio of innovative and unique products.

Customer Focus

Our success is based on consistently keeping the customer in mind. From the design stage to packaging and delivery, we aim to always give the customer a great experience.


Each and every one of our products is rigorously tested to ensure it meets our exacting standards. This means you can trust an RGS Group product.


Our products are designed to optimise functionality and offer tangible benefits over rivals. Simple and intuitive designs ensure our products work.

expert support

Our products are backed up by industry leading warranties as well as on hand technical and customer support. Benefit from our years of expertise and knowledge.


We look to offer something different in each one of our products to make it stand out and enhance the consumer experience.


From labour and material sourcing to product packaging and delivery, we take the utmost care to ensure our processes meet both ethical and legal policy.

Our Divisions