What is the altered:Nozzle

The Altered:Nozzle is the world’s most extreme and advanced water saving device. It installs easily into your existing tap by simply replacing the existing aerator. By atomizing water, the Altered:Nozzle delivers savings of upto 98% in Mist mode, or 75% in Save Mode, reducing waste and saving money.

The issue with regular taps is that only a fraction of the water coming out is actually used. The Altered:Nozzle solves this problem by atomizing the water into millions of droplets to form a high speed and heavy mist. This increases the surface area of the water drastically and makes it possible to benefit from almost all of the water coming from the tap. Mist mode is perfect for washing hands, vegetables, or plates but can easily be switched over to Save Mode when a little more water is needed for filling a glass or pan.

Designed and made in Sweden, the Altered:Nozzle is intricately crafted to be beautiful as well as highly functional. The crisp and smooth shape make switching between modes simple whilst the striking polished Chrome finish makes it an attractive addition to any modern space.

Retrofits into your existing tap

Simply unscrew your existing aerator and insert the Altered:Nozzle. Fits Standard, Junior and Tom Thumb sized taps.

Mist Mode – Savings 98%

Perfect for washing hands, brushing teeth washing dishes and greens.

Save Mode – Savings 85%

If you need more for filling a glass, pots or pans, just switch to Save Mode.